Bit Fairytale
Be a werewolf, not a teen wolf

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we all took this movie too literally


we all took this movie too literally

"I’m 22 and still think I’m young as an actor. I have so much to learn."

What is a soulmate? It’s like a best friend but more.It’s that one person that knows u better than anyone else.Someone who makes you a better person, actually..they don’t make u a better person, u do that yourself. They inspire you.A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever.The person who knew you and accepted you, before anyone else did.Or when no one else would.And no matter what happens, you will always love them. And nothing could ever change that.




When you crack your knuckles you hurt the skeleton inside you

Good, the skeleton needs to know that I am the alpha and I am in control.

Break your own bones to establish dominance over skeleton.


wet shirt clinging to niall

me clinging to my life

I’ve lost five pounds in the past week!!!



i like pop punk bc sometimes its all “im so sad” and sometimes its all “fuck you” and thats me most of the time